Opening 18 November, ZUTPHEN

From November 18, this recently produced work River IJssel #9607 will be exhibited in the monumental space of Marspoort Galerie in Zutphen.
In this group exhibition, with beautiful pieces by a.o. Marianne Kemp and Monique Kwist, I’ll be showing work from the series North Sea at Scheveningen Pier and River IJssel .

Opening is on Saturday, November 18 from 3 to 5 pm. You are so welcome!

Location: Marspoort gallery, Marspoortstraat 9A, 7201 JA Zutphen 
(A 5 minute walk from the train station).
The exhibition runs until January 14, 2024

New work at galery De Twee Pauwen, Den Haag

The first results of my recent trip through Spain are on show at Gallery De Twee Pauwen, Den Haag.
This spring I photographed landscapes in the sparsely populated and parched interior of Spain, living and working from my camper/studio van.
When I was captivated by a certain landscape I would stay there for a longer period, mostly deep in nature. In this seclusion my perception of the surface of the land became purer, more ‘singular’. As a result my representation of it became more austere.
Location: Galerie de Twee Pauwen, hoek Noordeinde/Oranjestraat, Den Haag

The exhibition runs until November 25, 2023

Aankoop 4 werken door NM Oranjehotel

Four photos from my series ‘Dunes at Meijendel’ were recently purchased by National Monument Oranjehotel in The Hague. They are on permanent show now in their cafe.

The Oranjehotel was the name the Dutch attributed to the Scheveningen prison during the Second World War as a tribute to the Resistance members imprisoned there. Over 250 of them were executed on the nearby plain the Waalsdorpervlakte, located in the current nature reserve ‘Meijendel’.

Thanks to a keen selection of the works by director Anke van der Laan they function very well in ‘bringing the visitor back’ from the impressive permanent exhibition to their daily life outside the prison. 

Go visit the Oranjehotel; the permanent exhibition in the carefully restored old part of the prison is impressive!